Jeff Terra


Jeff has worked for Taunton Siding Co., Inc. since 2002. A 1991 graduate of Taunton High School, Jeff makes his home in Taunton with his wife, Jeannine, son, Sammy, and daughter, Sofia. Jeff is a fully licensed contractor. Jeff took over the company in 2016 and, like his dad before him, is fully invested and committed to his customers. Not only does Jeff want you to be completely satisfied whenever you pull into your driveway and home, Jeff himself wants to be completely satisfied whenever he drives by your house. When you contract with Taunton Siding Co., Inc., you can always depend upon Jeff to be fully involved from start to finish and then some.

Licenses held by Jeffrey K. Terra

Construction Supervisor CS 67076

Fred Terra


Alfred (Fred) Terra founded Taunton Siding Company in 1969, incorporating in 1982. Although he has recently handed over the helm to his son, Jeff, Fred remains actively involved in all company operations be it providing consultation, giving a free estimate, and, yes, still swinging that hammer. Fred was born and raised, and still resides (with his lovely wife Janet), in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Licenses held by Alfred E. Terra, Jr.

Construction Supervisor CS 12159


Taunton Siding Co

Taunton Siding Co., Inc. isn't content to be "Jack-of-all-trades, Master-of-none." We recognize that some jobs are best performed by other expert craftsmen in the area. When necessary, we do employ the services of other reputable and dependable contractors, electricians, plumbers, or other professionals to meet your needs. Taunton Siding Co., Inc. only employs companies and contractors who are licensed, insured, competent and dependable. You can be sure Jeff will stand as steadfastedly behind the products and service provided by any sub-contractor employed by Taunton Siding Co., Inc. as he does his own work.

Estimates and Consultations


Call for a free consultation and estimate. (508) 822 - 7688. Jeff will be happy to answer all your questions and provide plenty of samples to help you with your decisions.

Licenses held by Taunton Siding Co., Inc.

Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number 108890

Certificates of Liability Insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance provided upon request.